CXPA's CX Book of Knowledge--1st Edition

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Rooted and structured in the 2013 and 2020 psychometric job analysis studies of the CX leader role, CXPA's CX Book of Knowledge provides over 300 pages of clear, practical guidance on terms, processes, and theory essential to understanding customer experience. Organized into the five sections of the CXPA CX Framework (Customer Experience Strategy; Customer Understanding and Insights; Design, Implementation, and Innovation; Metrics, Measurement, and ROI; and Culture and Accountability) the book is written as a thorough, approachable primer that has the value of an academic textbook told through the informed voice of experienced CX professionals. To help provide deeper understanding, the book draws not only on seminal and contemporary CX works, but also on insights and theories from etymology, psychology, design, law, marketing, finance, innovation, change leadership, project management, and total quality management to name a few.